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The University of Salamanca (in latín, Universitas Studii Salmanticensis) located in the city of Salamanca, is the oldest university in Spain and the Hispanic community. It also is the third oldest university in Europe. The university was the first educational institution to obtain the proper title of University in Europe following a papal bill issued by Alexander IV in 1255, which confirmed the royal charter of Alfonso X. 

The Institute of Neurociences of Castilla and León, also known as INCYL, is an academic center dedicated to the scientific research of the nervous system and its pathologies, and to the formation of new research professionals. Its mains objective is to understand the structure, organization and performance of the brain. the building where all this activity takes place has been constructed in 2008 by the USAL.

In 2015, a collaboration agreement was signed between the university of Salamanca and the monastery of Drepung Loseling in India with the intention of conducting research pertaining to the cognitive area, and interpreting, through neurophysiology, the qualities and attributes set forth in Buddhist monasteries throughout the years.

Electroencephalography is being used in order to be able to measure the cortical electric activity and to be able to implement the technique of Neuro-feedback (NFB). With the means of this technique we aim to increment the frequencies that are engaged in the attentional processes of the brain and at the same time to observe the evolution of this social group of monks that exhibit the same abilities that we are looking to improve. As a conclusion, we would be engaging a subjective process in order to assess a subjective process.

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